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Who are KickZorb /

About Jade

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Why KickZorb
KickZorb do all the work so you dont have to. Let us take the weight off your shoulders when organising your experience.

Parties - KickZorb has a range of pre-planned party packages. We can also create a bespoke party package to suit you and your event. Let us work together to create the perfect day.
KickZorb has a great team behind it helping to manage and create the perfect Zorbing experience for you. From start to finish you will have a well managed, well structured KickZorbing experience

Happy to help
Have you got a KickZorb question that you need answered? We are here to help so please get in contact. 

Why Choose Us / Our Differences
Let Your Creative Juices Flow!

KickZorb is the perfect way to take your Zorbing experience to new levels...Lets get zorbing!

  • Professionalism
  • Flexibility
  • Experience

Customer FAQ / Support Center
How can I book KickZorb?
Click on the CONTACT US page and get in touch. The KickZorb team can be easily reached via email or phone.  We are always happy to discuss concerns or answer any questions that you may have.

Contact Details,

Email: info@KickZorb.com        

Tel: +44 7944 485 552

What fantastic KickZorb games can we play?

Some of the Zorb games we have available include; 

KickZorb Football,
Ball Target,
Last Man Standing,
Capture The Flag,
British Bulldog,
Battle Runs,
And a whole lot more....

Why should I choose KickZorb for my party?
We have a wealth of experience, a truly professional outfit and a great team.

With our extensive background in planning, organising and running parties, events and activities for children of all ages, you just cannot find a better KickZorb party organiser!